Life is good

Let me start this treatise by saying this is about learning how to manifest love and money. I’m throwing that out there partially so you’ll hang with me to the end but it’s also true, I really am, just trust me.

There is a popular theory getting a lot of attention lately by both physicists and New Thought people. New Thought, for those who were wondering, used to be called New Age and is the most recent incarnation of spirituality. I’m not sure why the movement keeps changing their name but let’s focus on something else right now, which is the point of the new theory – the ability to focus and nail down anything, like this moment right now.

The theory is about our old idea of linear time moving orderly along from past to present and on to the future and whether or not it can be broken up into immovable, easily quantifiable pieces called seconds, minutes, hours and days. An accumulation of ideas says throw all of that out.

Einstein officially got the first half of the argument underway a long time ago with that theory of relativity but recent advances in quantum physics have gotten a lot of the rest of us to pay attention. The concept says that time is an illusion cooked up by human beings so that we can handle the space around us and make a date to meet for coffee.

If we didn’t have some way to pick out a date and time we would have to let go completely of any behaviors that require steps to achieve the end goal like saving money to buy a house or going to school to gain an education. But in the end, still just a malleable illusion.

Then, mix this in with the quantum physics theory that at the smallest point everything there is – humans, trees and that linoleum floor – are all made up of the same, exact matter with equal distance between each teeny, tiny, can’t-be-seen molecule. The reason something is seen as a human being instead of the chair is how we perceive it on our end.

In other words, we’ve cooked up our own illusion and broken it down into bite size pieces that give us more a sense of control. Control is a big issue with us, which plays a part in where the manifestation portion got short-circuited for a few people.

Hang in there, the new secret of riches and romance is coming.

Two seconds ago, the whole thing had come to be known as, the Law of Attraction, featured in the film, The Secret and was the natural conclusion to the merging of the two theories of relativity and quantum physics.

But quite a few people are griping that it just didn’t work. That’s because all of it collided with a uniquely human trait, our fear of change, which resulted in a lot of people missing a key element of the law. That part about taking action and embracing change.

That’s right, there are things for us to do and we won’t know how it will end and we will actually have to get out and mingle with other people to get it done. When presented with the new opportunities we are going to have to act, go, jump on it.

The Law of Attraction will bring about the circumstances that give us a chance at something new but taking the chance is still on you and me. First you imagine what you want, then a new opportunity presents itself, then you make a choice as to whether or not you’ll go for it.

Quite a few people, though, decided that part of what they desired was the opportunity to become rich or find love or be famous without taking any action beyond picturing money, a good woman and being on the red carpet from the comfort of their living room sofa. Their biggest intention was to keep risk to a minimum and voila, they manifested nothing.

Every bit of change, whether it results in something small or monumental is done bit by bit, right in this moment and requires being willing to move forward without knowing how it will work out along the way, much less down the road a bit. Why not try taking comfort in the idea that the moment is all we have and all we need and try out the theory that as we take each step, what we need will be provided.

That’s Martha’s Big, Gigantic New Secret. Make sure you refer to the idea by its new name. Now get out there, life has been waiting for you long enough. More adventures to follow.

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