Me in my Kigo shoes just outside of my back door on my way to run.

This has been the summer of running, so far. I’ve passed a couple of milestones, which makes me feel like I have a shot at actually getting somewhere this time.

The big one is my consistency has been up there without being rigid. There was a big thunderstorm rumbling through Chicago yesterday and I didn’t try to be a human lightning rod or feel terrible the entire day because I missed a morning run.

The second one is that I can now run a little distance without feeling like I ought to walk for a minute. Frankly, this is where all of those reality shows on weight loss that I’ve watched finally pay off for me. I would quit sooner but I’ve seen what that looks like and how much farther someone can go, so I keep running just a little bit longer.

I get it. It’s one more place that my will is trying to get me to go sit down.

Running is hard work. The hardest part is getting myself out the door on a consistent basis. It’s not that there’s something else I’d rather be doing.

I’d prefer not to find out that I can’t do something on a grand scale. Then I get to keep the idea that I could if I just tried to run or to write or to save money. There’s a list of things we all keep in the back of our minds of things we want to do.

It’s that immediate response we give whenever someone says, ‘What are your dreams?’

We know immediately the top three and if we’re given a few minutes we can pull out another five and start sorting them into big dream, little dream.

However, all of that time that I was telling myself I could if I wanted to, I was ignoring the reality that I wasn’t so the dream wasn’t a part of my life. Every vacuum gets filled so that place that was meant for my dream of running was filled with chocolate and TV and excuses about how cancer had cut short my chances.

Sure, I may not win anything but really, I don’t even know that and participation isn’t about winning. It’s about being accountable enough to show up and do my part, whatever it is.

It took some changes in the way I approached running to get the ball rolling. I started with a lot of prayer to be willing and to just be of service. Then offers of coaching from Mo and shoes from Kigo, that’s them in the photo, and sponsorship in a 5K from Chicagoland Sky Diving Center started pouring in without me looking for them.

That’s the definition of faith. We go first and God meets us and often our step is wobbily and artless but there we are, moving down the lane.

So, the 5K and skydive is August 6th here in Chicago. Everyone is welcome to join in, just let me know in your comment below or an email. My pants are already looser and I’ve lost at least a couple of extra chins. Moving through the day and sleeping are even easier. I have no idea of the outcome, which is none of my business anyway but I’m out here moving along. Taking that first step out the door to go find out what’s possible when I don’t try do it alone and just show up.

Q: What is your biggest and smallest dream?

What are you doing to get started and how can I help?

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