When you find out your entire life is the conspiracy…

A well-seasoned family attorney, Wallis Jones has made quite a reputation for herself. But when a stranger arrives in her driveway with a list of names, part of a daring enlistment strategy known as the Butterfly Project, can she find a way to uncover the truth?

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There is a conspiracy crawling over the country…

When operatives move into the suburbs surrounding her normal life, Wallis Jones struggles to survive the secret political world she has been sucked into. Can she come to terms with fighting a battle she didn’t get to choose? Or will her struggle destroy her family from the inside out?

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Will Wallis learn the origins of the conspiracy tearing her world apart?

Entwined inside an overwhelming conspiracy, Wallis Jones has been rocked by secrets, but as an urban cold war breaks out, led by a rogue cell within the oldest shadow government, Wallis realizes she may have no other choice but to learn to work from within to bring it all down.

Available for sale now on
Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (KU).

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Death has come to Wallis Jones’ world

Despite the death of an undercover Circle operative close to Wallis Jones, she still wants a normal life even as she realizes any distraction could lead to more dead bodies. She knows, deep down, that the shadow governments that surround her will never let normal happen. It’s time to stand up and fight back and it will take the help of everyone going into the battle with her.

And when someone she loves is unexpectedly taken…

Wallis now knows that she can no longer refuse to get in the game. No more just defending her position, Wallis faces a soul-rending realization. Get up and fight!

Nothing can take her back to what was…

Not in a world-wide conspiracy 

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Wallis Jones will do whatever it takes to end a world conspiracy. Is that always the right thing…?

Would you risk it all?

Wallis Jones has been played. Set up to betray her world.
This time, she takes on the challenge and sets out to discover just how much is at risk.

Her small town is no longer the only thing in danger and the stakes have gone global.
Will they put the pieces together in time?

Wallis steps out in front, even as others are hunting for her, and fights for her world.

George Clemente’s vast plans continue to ferment and grow as Wallis’ allies start to put together the pieces and see what he’s been up to all along. Everything is just a distraction and they were his willing pawns as the true scheme takes shape.

The Butterfly Project may be the only thing that can save them all if they have the courage to let them. 

Available for sale now on
Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (KU).

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Available for sale now on
Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (KU).

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A New Sneak Peek from the Traitor’s Revenge! Twisty, Turny Goodness…

So, week one is in the record books! A whirlwind of activity and hearing from readers – BIG THANK YOU to all the fans who dove right into The List Conspiracy and have pre-ordered Book Two, The Traitor’s Revenge. My favorite part is all the chitchats about their crazy grandmother (LOVED the fan whose grandmother took different pics of stranger’s butts so she’d feel better about her own posterior – may have to use that in a future novel), or how they stayed up too late reading. Makes all of those days in front of a computer screen so worth it…

On to the snippet (a sneak read for those fans just joining us). Second snippet is from The Traitor’s Revenge, which is on pre-order and goes on sale this Thursday. Book Three – The Keeper’s Return goes on pre-order the same day – December 8th! So, to get you ready, excited and staying up late some more… here is a snippet. Enjoy and keep those comments coming – you can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WallisJonesSeries/. Enough with the talking… On with the snippet!

A Snippet Approaches – First Sneak Read of The Traitor’s Revenge – Book Two

The Wallis Jones series is out of the box and things are moving faster now! Keep turning those pages of The List Conspiracy as fast as you can – The Traitor’s Revenge will go on pre-order at Amazon on December 1st in TWO DAYS. Just joining in on the fun? Head on over to Amazon to go get your download of The List Conspiracy – also available in Kindle Unlimited (KU) starting Friday!

Here’s your first sneak read to tide you over for a day or two! (Want a little more? Let me know on Facebook or at my Author Page on Amazon… I got a guy)

The List Conspiracy – Sneak Read #2, A Giveaway and So Much More…

Can attorney, Wallis Jones find a way to uncover the truth and expose the real powers before more lives are lost? Or will she lose the one case that matters most?
Follow Wallis Jones in my heart-racing, oh my God, what if it’s true, new political thriller, The List Conspiracy – first in the Wallis Jones series! If you’re a fan of Dan Brown, Andy McNab, or Robert Ludlum then you’re not going to want to miss The List Conspiracy!

Check back on Wednesday to find out how to get a free download of The List Conspiracy and get started before the December 1st release date! Or sign up for the newsletter and get the link one day early on Tuesday, November 30th. Starting December 1st, order The List Conspiracy or read in Kindle Unlimited (KU) and pre-order The Traitor’s Revenge – Book Two in the series and keep the pages turning!

The conspiracy is exposed…

Caught in the crosshairs of two warring shadow governments with deep-rooted origins and far-reaching plans, Wallis soon realizes that she must uncover the hidden meaning behind the names on the list known as the Butterfly Project, or risk the lives of countless people.

The Wallis Jones Series – A Sneak Read, News and Other Good Stuff

And so we begin…again. A relaunch of the Wallis Jones series along with a lot of new books and all of it starts, well, now. It’s been a crazy six months packed with a lot of learning new ways of doing things mixed with writing in every spare moment and a sudden bout of cancer that left a pretty cool scar. If you haven’t seen me in a while, now you know why.

Let me start from the beginning of this part of the journey.

I spent some time at the beginning of the year mentoring a young writer, Rachel, who has already written two full-length novels and is a freshman in college. So, when I got an email to come hear some guy named, Michael Anderle talk about how he started writing anything in November of 2015, pushed the self-publish button and then by May was making six figures – and in fiction (which is supposed to be impossible) – I grabbed Rachel and we went to listen. I figured at the least, Rachel and I would have a good time and maybe I’d even hear a useful tidbit.

Dating Lessons

I decided to try to do things a little differently this time and talk to this next guy on the phone. Maybe texting was part of the problem. So difficult to really get a good read on someone from a few sentences typed out on a tiny screen.

They were easy conversations and no weird questions, no talk of our future together. All very casual and light. So far, much better… until… a text.

An x-rated text late before the night we were supposed to meet about what he was hoping to do while falling asleep. I immediately said that was really inappropriate and disappointing and meeting the next day was a mistake. He swore it was a horrible accident, which inspired me to ask if he was sending that message to someone else, why talk to me at all? It also turned out he had lied about his age and used pictures more than a few years old.

It didn’t work out.

My insides felt like they were taking a spiritual pounding. All of my enthusiasm had drained out of me and I really wondered why I ever thought this was a good idea. How did I go from being so happy all by myself to questioning what was going on, surrounded by potential dates?