The List - a new political thriller - excerpt on the Books page

It seems like I keep working on the same things but at deeper levels. The only difference is that over time I’ve gotten some miracles of sorts that can act as proof while I try to take yet another contrary action into the unknown. Moved to New York City and had a blast for a couple of years – check. Moved again, this time to Chicago, my second choice and set up a home and got to know my son again – check and check. Found a good job, bought a car, made some good friends – all check. Lost 70 pounds so far and have relearned how to ride a bike, gotten faster in swimming and can run farther – still all check.

Okay, here’s where things get a bit rocky. Wrote my 4th book under my name, a thriller and set out to get an agent and get it published. Hold it right there – in fact hold on for a few years. For a variety of reasons, which really don’t matter, the relationship with the agent didn’t work out, we parted ways and here I am starting over again.

It’s tough when a dream that’s a pretty big one that has some traction doesn’t exactly take off. However, I have a new agent out of New York, Lori Ames, who’s on fire about the new thriller and this week we take off. Sometimes, I think the hardest emotion is hope because hope requires us to keep going despite the old evidence to the contrary. However, when I was told I only had a year left to live back in 2009, my good friend Juanita asked me what I wanted to believe for. I said I wanted to believe I was going to live for a good long time and would beat the cancer. She said, calmly and with conviction, “Then that’s what we’ll believe for.” My resolve grew from there.

So, a publishing deal for my best writing yet and a really good, fun political thriller is what I’m going to believe for.

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