Airborne Run - Photo by U.S. Army

I was supposed to be at a group run tonight. I was at the right location, pretty much on time and there was a group and I was running but I was never anywhere near the group – unless you count the times they lapped me to the left. One nice old guy kept saying, “Good job!” every time he passed me. Very annoying.

I was the only beginner who showed up and it was obvious after about 30 seconds that not only did everybody know each other really well, they knew each other from 100 mile relay runs. I have to run/walk a mile.

So, while they ran a mile as fast as they possibly could in order to get a time to challenge themselves so they could run even faster, faster – I chugged around the track trying to keep my head up and butt tucked. After three times around one of the coaches tried to insist that I already had done a fourth time and completed the mile, even asking me, “Are you sure?”

It’s going to take a little gumption to get me to go back and be the lone, beginner runner again but even now I have a feeling I’ll be pounding around the circle again next week hoping they don’t lap me quite as often. Tomorrow, I get on a bike for the first time in 30 years. Tonight, I wonder why I’m doing this at all. Thank goodness tomorrow’s a new day.

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