The Thrill of Desire

A new year approaches and all of the weight loss ads are already filling the airwaves. My favorite is the new Weight Watchers commercial that encourages people to eat their feelings, and just snack in general. It’s funny and seems a lot more human than the usual rah rah, your life can finally be something grand if only you’d lose that weight.

I say that as someone who has battled weight for at least half of my life. Some of the war was real, some imagined as I tried to get to an unrealistic size and for the past few years has been calmer. That’s mostly because I gave up on diets and resolutions altogether.

Instead, I started to work on being okay with who I am, the way I am and try not to think about myself so much. Maybe if I took the focus off of myself and instead looked around for how I could be a part of my community, a good employee, a friend who shows up, the rest would start to take care of itself a bit more.

Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened.

After years of trying to find a better job, lose weight and just get a life, all of those things happened. None of it looks the way I expected and yet, all of it is better. Not because I’m the flavor of the month, or even the week but because I figured out that happiness is a choice and not based on circumstance.

Now, when the New Year approaches, I look for the opportunities I’ve been turning away from, full of excuses about why it won’t work, and I resolve to go ahead and try. Leave every doubt by the wayside, move forward, and see where the ideas take me.

What have you been thinking about from time to time, for years but always found a reason to push to the side? If you can let go of the idea that it has to work and you have to know how, you can take the first few hundred steps and just see what happens. That’s the definition of faith and helped lead me to an entire career as a journalist, national columnist and now a thriller author. This is the year to take the next step right in front of me for the new adventure.

Coming soon – an updated website, a new thriller and giveaways for readers. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!

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