Wallis Jones has created the good life for herself and the love of her life, her husband, Norman, when a strange man shows up in her driveway one morning, changing everything. The List is the start of the Wallis Jones series, about a happy family that gets caught between two old secret powers. Time is running out as Wallis tries to figure out whether or not it’s better to accept her legacy or follow her faith, take a dangerous chance and trust that things will work out. Read the first 5 chapters of The List.

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Wallis Jones returns in The Keeper, and is picking up the pieces while trying to love her family from the inside of a conspiracy she can’t control. Can she still be happy? The Keeper shows up in a twist and changes the landscape for her, once again testing her faith, her resolve and making her question if, for once, she will not be able to figure out what to do in time to save the ones she loves. Read the first 5 chapters of The Keeper.

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The Circle has finally gained power but what will that mean for Wallis Jones and her family? Wallis has turned to her faith but it may be too late. Ned is growing up and the danger around him has grown as well. Wallis can’t find Norman, as she takes a dangerous chance to save their son’s future, risking their own lives and putting the list at risk, once again. Read the first 4 chapters of The Circle.

Available December 2015