It’s the beginning of a New Year and the first month of my dive into indie publishing is over! Every goal I may have had was surpassed (thanks to ALL OF YOU!) and I go into this new year with a lot of anticipation for what comes next. It’s made every late night and every weekend spent writing or talking to fans more than worth it.

Like a lot of indie authors, I have a regular corporate day job that fortunately, I love (pharmaceutical insurance – I know, not very sexy but for all of the fans who’ve already read The Keeper Returns, you’ll see that I use everything…). But, in order to put out a series and stay in touch with fans, it also means I may some tough choices to spend what I jokingly refer to as ‘free time’ on nights and weekends either writing or talking to you – okay, not really that tough a choice. And, when the debut month for the Wallis Jones series goes as well as this one did – it makes it all that much sweeter.

THANK YOU! To all the fans who wrote to tell me how much they love the series, to the fans who wrote to tell me how I could market the books and make it easier (still figuring out how to put links in the photos on MailChimp…), to all the fans who wrote to me and told me to write faster – what happens next, and to all of the NEW FANS (well, okay, that would also be ALL OF YOU!) If you’re following along on the AuthorBiz podcasts you can hear the latest podcast HERE about being the new indie on the block – the next podcast will air right around the release of the Fourth Book next week!

NEXT: The interactive app comes out this month! William Bremmer is the star of the story and we’ll see if we can bring him back for a full-length book of his own. The Circle Rises goes on sale Monday, January 9th, just as the pre-order for The Watchers’ Revolt, Book Five in the Wallis Jones series starts! All of the books that are now on Kindle will also be available in paperback (and as always in Kindle Unlimited) and next month, AUDIO! 

SHOUT OUTS! If you’re looking for some other great thriller authors check out Leslie Wolfe, or Craig Martelle’s Rick Banik series, or Stephen Campbell, or Boo Walker and keep feeding those Kindles!

Keep writing to me – I answer everyone and have a great start to your year. More adventures to follow…

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